Spectator/participant parking: During the meet, spectators and participants can find free street parking on nearby residential streets, in particular to the south of the pool. Please make sure to obey all posted City of Madison parking regulations. Note that street parking is limited to 2 hours on several streets to the north of the pool.

Drop-off: Divers can be dropped off on Door Dr., directly to the North of the Hill Farm grounds.

For spectators with mobility issues, we recommend that someone else drop them off on Door Drive directly to the North of the pool if possible. Please contact us to discuss parking options if dropping off is not possible.

Coaches parking: Parking in the HFSC lot will be limited to coaches with authorized parking passes only.

Tents/Deck Space: Each team will be provided with space on deck for their divers. You are welcome to bring pop-up tents or chairs for the lawn area. Please make sure to clean up your area at the end of each day.

Restrooms: Meet attendees are welcome to use the restrooms and changing rooms in the HFSC poolhouse. There is a gender inclusive family restroom available from the deck, and single-gender restrooms inside the poolhouse locker rooms.